Combining the cloud

I have this idea, for a program to somehow combine all of my cloud storage services into one giant pool.

I have

  • 25 gb of dropbox 
  • 25 gb of skydrive
  • 5 gb of google drive
  • 5 gb of cubby
  • 50 gb of box
If I were to somehow combine these, I would have 110 gb of  cloud storage. The problem though, is that most of these services have very low maximum file size limits. From Lifehacker, http://lifehacker.com/5905702/dropbox-google-drive-skydrive-and-others-pricing-per-gb-and-more-compared-in-convenient-charts

  • dropbox (no limit)
  • skydrive 2gb
  • drive 10gb
  • cubby 2gb
  • box 25mb
Now, Windows 8 has a new feature called storage spaces, which lets you combine physical hard drives to appear as one big virtual hard drive. Now I would much rather do this on linux using http://greyhole.net however most of these programs do not have linux clients to sync.

Anyway, how do we get each program's folder to mount as a drive so we can combine them with storage spaces? Well it is not all that simple. Because of the filesize limits for each service, doing something like mounting a folder as a drive would make my storage space max filesize 25mb. 
I present an alternative solution. windows's VHD system. Windows allows you to create virtual disk files that can be mounted as real disks. This solves the problem with box.net's extremely low filesize limit. However it presents another problem. How many vhds do we need to create to fill up 50gb? well 50 gb / 25mb = 16000 disks. I would shoot myself if I had to make these by hand and connect them to my storage space by hand so I will skip the box creation for my testing period. 

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